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An informative site about SSL certificates as well as other related topics. There are details on SSL certificates, SSL, Verisign, digital certificates, Geotrust SSL, SSL VPN, secure server hosting and whole lot more.

SSL Certificates
A paddlock icon is visible when an SSL session is in progress.

If you use the World Wide Web or have a web site or even a web server you will at some time come across the term SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) or SSL certificates.

A Secure Sockets Layer protocol is mainly used when ever you have to perform a credit or debit card transaction over the internet. SSL is implemented to encrypt and secure the traffic between two entities (browser - server / mail clients).

A SSL protocol is used whenever you have to perform a credit or debit card transaction over the internet.

How to tell
On most browsers you will see an icon in the lower right corner of the browser window that looks like a key or padlock, when this is visible it means you've got an SSL session in progress with the site you are visiting.

Another sign for SSL certificates is when you have 'HTTPS' being the first part of text visible in the browsers address bar.

'HTTPS' being the first part of text visible in the browsers address bar is another sign for SSL Certificates.

How does the SSL protocol work?
A simplified version of the SSL process is explained below:

  • The server passes a certificate to the browser.
  • The browser validates it by verifying the digital signature and ensuring that the name on the SSL certificates is the right one, the certificate has not expired, it was issued by a trusted party, and so forth.
  • The browser generates data needed for the creation of cryptographic key material, encrypts it using the public key on the server's certificate, and sends it to the server.
  • The browser and server generate keys and encrypt all session traffic from that point forward.

SSL certificates support
SSL is supported by most modern internet browsers and is used by e-commerce sites as the primary security solution. It is important to notice that encryption standards change over time, and more recent browsers offer better encryption. The current SSL certificates standard is 128-bit, but most browsers do not meet this requirement yet, so consider visiting Netscape and Microsoft sites for updates.

SSL Certificates, SSL Padlock

SSLSSL - A look at how the Secure Sockets Layer, a protocol for transmitting private documents via the Internet, works. There are also links to more SSL information.

VerisignVerisign - Integrated in more than 400,000 Web sites world wide, Verisign lead the way in digital commerce and communications. They supply security, payment, communications and naming & directory services.

Digital CertificateDigital Certificate - You can obtain a certificate from a certificate authority. The certificate authority issues an encrypted digital certificate containing a public key.

Geotrust SSLGeotrust - Geotrust are the second largest digital certificate provider in the world. They offer the latest in new-generation technologies at lightning speeds, their 128-bit Geotrust SSL certificates are delivered to you in just 10 minutes.

SSL VPNSSL VPN - SSL VPN allows networks at different locations to be securely connected using a public network as a transport layer. SSL VPN gives users what they need without a full VPN implementation.

Secure Server HostingSecure Server Hosting - Secure Server Hosting is becoming more and more popular as the demand for online security reaches an all time high. Secure server hosting solutions are an important requirement for any website.

OpenSSLOpenSSL - The OpenSSL toolkit is licensed under an Apache-style licence. Versions of OpenSSL are available for most Unix-like operating systems including Linux and Mac OS X.

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